Entry Doors – Heritage Fiberglass Doors

Where Value Meets Style and Security

Heritage Fiberglass Doors provide the strength of fiberglass and the classic look of woodgrain. Our textured doors are artfully stained or painted with a durable finish that is guaranteed to last.

Custom Heights up to 8 Feet

Need a little more height? We are pleased to offer customized door and sidelite heights in 18” increments.

Heritage Finish


  • (A) 1 7⁄8" Finger-jointed, 2-ply solid oak laminated stiles for both hinge and strike sides are proven to provide increased rigidity and structural integrity.
  • (B) Polyurethane core reduces energy loss.
  • (C) Improved definition panel profile creates excellent shadow lines and distinct panel designs.
  • (D) Lock area is reinforced to provide a solid mounting surface for decorative hardware.
  • (E) Specially engineered fiberglass door facings will not dent and resist splitting, cracking and warping.
  • (F) Variable-depth woodgrain texture with hand-applied stain imitates a wood door appearance.
  • (G) Square-edge design offers an attractive wood door appearance.
  • (H) A high-performance, composite material is utilized on all Heritage fiberglass bottom rails, giving excellent rot-resistance.
  • Plugless Window Trim is optional on Heritage Fiberglass (see Price List for available styles)
  • Heritage Smooth Fiberglass doors exhibit the same durable construction as woodgrain textured fiberglass featuring high-definition panel profiles.


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